Oct 19, 2011

Review: Popeyes - New Dip'n Chicken

Popeyes' new, limited time Dip'n Chicken features breaded and fried chicken breast medallions served with a double portion of blackened ranch sauce. They're scoop shaped to better pick up sauce.

A portion along with Cajun Fries and a biscuits can be picked up for $3.99.

I'd like to tell you what the blackened ranch sauce was like but my local Popeyes failed me by running out of the sauce and I ended up with the standard buttermilk ranch sauce.
Despite the thinness of the medallions, mines were actually tender and juicy with a crisp batter (I'm sure experiences will vary though). They were good but aren't really different from Popeyes Lousiana Tenders in taste. Fortunately, the standard at Popeyes is to lightly season which makes Dip'n Chicken great for dipping.
Still feeling slightly gypped by the lack of blacken ranch, I decided to concoct my own sauce by adding a liberal dose of black pepper and garlic powder to my ranch. Try it! It's pretty good!

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Nutritional info not available for Popeyes' limited time items.


  1. i hate kfc, nothing makes me more depressed than when i convince myself it'll make a decent meal, only to contemplate ending myself after the damage is done

  2. kfc's just all over the place. we finally got popeye's a few months ago where I live. (go ahead and insult my stupid town. at least we finally got one)

    I like both, but i'd say popeye's does have better quality, overall. they're both pretty good for fast food though.

  3. with products like these I have no idea how people can prefer kfc to this.

  4. Haha! I thought the same thing when I got mine and the guy said they didn't have the sauce.

  5. I think the Rip'n Chick'n stayed juicier (& hotter) by reducing the overall surface area of the fried fowl. Did luck out and got to try the Blackened Ranch Sauce; probably an improvement on the standard ranch. Missed the mini-Tabasco the first time around with the Wicked Chicken, but I was glad to grab it this last time around. Nice posts!

  6. My wife and I went back because she thought it looked good and wanted to try it. When he served us and asked what kind of sauce I wanted I said "the blackened ranch. He told me they didn't have it and I said "Why didn't you say that when we ordered?" He said: "I didn't think it mattered." He was just a 20 year old kid... but that seems like it's the Popeyes philosophy.

  7. Booooooo... I also got a random Tabasco bottle with the Rip'n Chicken which I am pretty sure is supposed to be for the Wicked Chicken. Of course, when I got the Wicked Chicken they ran out of Tabasco bottles =X

  8. They seemed to have the sauce for the first week and then ran out. Their official line is they "underestimated" the demand... but this is the fourth promotion this year where this has happened. My opinion? They'd rather be cheap and run out of the sauce than have too much of it and spend money they don't have to.

  9. hmm makes me wonder if that was the case with me to that they ran out of the sauce since i never got any but other than that Dip'n Chicken was good enough


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