Oct 8, 2011

Review: Nabisco - Triple Double Oreo Cookies

In a less-than-inspired bout of innovation, the wonks at Nabisco came up with new Triple Double Oreos, a club-sandwich-like Oreo with three chocolate cookies sandwiching two layers of creamy filling (one layer of chocolate creamy filling and one layer of vanilla).

It's about $2.99 for a 13.1-ounce package.

Basically Triple Double Oreos are regular Oreos combined with Chocolate Creme Oreos minus one cookie. It's as gimmicky as it sounds and tastes like cramming two Oreo cookies in your mouth.
There's a bit of extra chocolate flavor from the chocolate creme but I prefer the vanilla creme since the cookie portions are already chocolate flavored.
If you're looking for more interesting Oreo flavors, I'd move on from this one and go for something like the peanut butter creme ones or mint creme ones. The Sister said she'd rather just have a DoubleStuf Oreo cookie over these.

Nutritional Info - Triple Double Oreo cookies
Serving Size - 1 cookie (21g)
Calories - 100 (from Fat - 40)
Fat - 4.5g (Saturated Fat - 1.5g)
Sodium - 80mg
Carbs - 15g (Sugar - 9g)
Protein - less than 1g


  1. I tried these.  They're obviously for novelty purposes but sometimes when I ate them I would separate each of the Oreo cookies from the creme so I could enjoy each part of the cookie one at a time.

    And yes, they're like shoving multiple cookies in your mouth because...well when you eat one of these that's pretty much what you're doing.

  2. havent seen this, mel would love it.  she eats creme only


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