Oct 15, 2011

Review: Nabisco - Chips Ahoy! Chewy Gooey Chocofudge Cookies

The yin to Chips Ahoy! Megafudge yang, Nabisco's Chips Ahoy! Chewy Gooey Chocofudge features the standard soft, chewy Chips Ahoy! chocolate chip cookies but with a chocolate fudge center.

A 10-ounce package goes for around $3.29 or about $2.00 on sale.

If you've eaten a Chewy Chips Ahoy! cookie before, you'll find yourself in familiar territory with this one. Packaged soft-baked cookies aren't quite like homemade fresh-baked cookies, the texture is just a little different; a little denser and a little cake-like but the taste is very familiar and tinged with brown sugar.
The fudge portion is pretty chocolaty and soft, but actually has a higher melting point than the chocolate chips. I found this out when I microwaved a cookie for 10 seconds hoping to get some extra gooey. Well, I did get some more gooey but it was from the chocolate chips because they all melted. The fudge stayed mostly the same.
I didn't love it but I liked Chips Ahoy! Chewy Gooey Chocofudge cookies. I think I would love it if the center was just plain milk chocolate like the chocolate chips. Heat it a little and it would be just "mmmmmmmhm..."

Nutritional Info - Chips Ahoy! Chewy Gooey Chocofudge cookies
Serving Size - 2 cookies (31g)
Calories - 150 (from Fat - 60)
Fat - 7g (Saturated Fat - 3.5g)
Sodium - 110mg
Carbs - 21g (Sugar - 13g)
Protein - 1g

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  1. They are ok but still addictive. Got them for $2.50 at the local walmarts. They taste kinda sandy with little goo in th middle. I prefer the keebler elf soft batch.


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