Oct 17, 2011

News: KFC - New Cheesy Bacon Bowl

Already the most sodium laden single item on KFC's menu, KFC ups the salt ante on their KFC Famous Bowl (my review here) by adding bacon and calling it the "Cheesy Bacon Bowl" with the tagline "Everything tastes better with bacon."

The Cheesy Bacon Bowl takes the five ingredients of the KFC Famous Bowl: mashed potatoes, corn, popcorn chicken, gravy, and three-cheese blend and sprinkles on bits of bacon to finish it off.

The KFC Cheesy Bacon Bowl is only available for a limited time at participating KFC restaurants for $3.99.

You can check out the commercial touting the new bowl after the jump.


  1. It might not sate you, but I doubt you'd hate it. You could always get two of them

  2. It's about time...
    Bacon does make everything better!

  3. Back in an earlier epoch when my diet was not so restricted I would eat mashed taters I had mixed with whatever ingredients were also upon the table.

    Green beans, corn, margarine/butter, gravy.... pert' near anything.... even the meat offered.

    Mix it up... it was all good.

    No breading on the chicken or turkey, though.

    Various gravy available, brown via roast beef drippings, lighter brown from fowl drippings. White milk gravy with various drippings.... all sorts of stuff and all so yummy.

    I usually ate enough for three or four normal folks then fell asleep soon after, usually near the TV.


    Never have gulped down on the KFC offering.

    I wonder if the portion quantity served even now during my declining years of lesser amounts eaten would sate me?


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