Oct 27, 2011

Review: KFC - Cheesy Bacon Bowl

KFC's new Cheesy Bacon Bowl features their KFC Famous Bowl (Popcorn Chicken, cheese, gravy, corn atop a bed of mashed potatoes) topped with a generous sprinkle of bacon bits. You know, because bacon makes everything better.

It's available for a limited-time for the promotional price of $3.99 but I got mine free courtesy of KFC.

They also gave me a nifty spork that they stuck a KFC sticker on so I used it to chow down on the Cheesy Bacon Bowl. It's a spoon, a fork, and a knife in one!
Does bacon make the Cheesy Bacon Bowl better than the original? Why yes, yes it does. The bacon features quite prominently with a nice smoky flavor. Unfortunately, the KFC Famous Bowl was already a salt monster at over 2000mg of sodium you could really taste and bacon only adds to that. There's a point where something is so salty that some more salt isn't as noticeable and maybe KFC hit that here.
Each of the six major ingredients contain a fair amount of salt but the most salty items, besides the bacon, were the pieces of Popcorn Chicken and the gravy. The gravy came in moderation though but the chicken was pretty abundant; great for you wallet but it'll turn your tongue into a desert. I would say the Popcorn Chicken is the key offender. I would like to see less salt in the batter and some of the Colonel's more iconic seasonings instead.

I would actually be fine with having no chicken at all in the bowl; I think the bacon makes for a good substitute anyway and it's not called the "Cheesy Bacon Chicken Bowl".  To make for a better eating experience, I removed some popcorn chicken and made myself a chicken biscuit:
Overall, I liked the different flavors and textures, it was just ruined by the excessive saltiness.

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Nutritional info not available but shouldn't be far off from the KFC Famous Bowl's numbers.


  1. You're actually making me look more reasonable with your miserly comments.

    Not that I disagree with you, but as I said before... KFC = moderately price food. Taco Bell = dirt cheap food. It's pretty simple. You're never going to be able to compare those franchises in terms of value.

  2. I think this bowl is just two expensive.. you can get two meals at TB for that money basically. 

  3. I prefer it without the bacon!

  4. Interesting, but I think you're a little off about the quarter pounders. Doesn't "quarter pounder" reference the weight of the beef only?

  5. When does KFC ever offer a lot of value? Two words of advice: Taco Bell!

  6. hell yeah bro, up top!  for 4 bucks it should be served in a horse's trough

  7. Damn, it sure looks small. More like a snack than a meal. For $4 does not seem a lot value.

  8. Very good analysis of the spork. Digging it, worth checking out if you have a spare minute or two.

    This looks like the ultra spork though. Even if you hate KFC's food, you gotta give them a little credit. They're paying someone wayyyy too much for things like this, and those weird little tupperware containers for their sides. It's amusing. I like amusing.

  9. i already had it twice and i love it to death! eh.. yeah makes enough sense 

  10. My already-written commentary regarding the spork device;

    That chicken bowl concoction does sound yummy but I believe the type of bacon particles used will have an immense effect upon the yumminess of the end product.

    Not all bacon bitlets are "created" the same.

    From super crunchy to chewy to requiring an immense amount of chomping to render into an easily swallowable mush-in-the-mouth; bacon piece additives are as variable as the planet-types in the known galaxies.

  11. If its a knofe spoon and fork, in order to use the knife wouldnt u need another one?

  12. @ Jesse Perhaps they were going for a poutine vibe with the cheese and gravy. I am from Canada and poutine is big ( fries with cheese curds and gravy)

  13. What bothers me is cheese and gravy together. Name me one other dish where these two are together.

  14. these pictures are kind of nice Q.  good lighting.


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