May 22, 2016

Burger King Serves Up New Syrup-Filled Ice Cream Cones in Spain

Burger King's latest new dessert out in Spain is the "Cono Relleno," which translates to "filled" or "stuffed" cone.

The menu item consists of a sugar cone mostly filled with a choice of either dulce de leche or chocolate syrup and then is topped off with vanilla soft serve. It seems like it'd be very sweet once you get through the ice cream.

The Cono Relleno costs 1€ (~$1.12 US).

Compared to the US branch, Burger King Spain offers a few more ways to enjoy their soft serve. Besides the familiar sundaes and cones, they also offer soft serve with brownies or waffles, a McFlurry like dessert called the King Fusion, and soft serve on top of a cup of coffee.

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