May 31, 2016

Review: Blaze Pizza - High-Rise Crust Pizza

Blaze Pizza's High-Rise Crust pizza option is a thicker, "high-rise" version of their original crust.

It cost $2 extra over the regular price at my local Blaze.

As far as I can tell from watching them make it, they should just call this their "extra-dough" crust to be descriptive as it's just their regular crust with more dough to it.

Original crust for comparison.
While the crust doesn't look all that much bigger for the extra dough (I wouldn't call it thick crust by any means), it does feel different as a result. You still get a crisp outer-shell on the bottom and edges but there's more of an airy softness with more foldability compared to their regular crust, while still retaining a nice chew.

It's only slightly thicker for most of the pizza but is notably but unevenly thicker and more bready at the end crust.

Overall, while Blaze Pizza's High-Rise Crust Pizza was enjoyable in its own way and provided a nice change of pace from Blaze's original crust, it didn't feel worth an extra $2 for the amount of extra crust that results ($1 maybe) although maybe they're factoring in the extra time to bake?

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