May 11, 2016

Krispy Kreme Korea Serves Up Colorful, Shiny, Sparkling Donuts

With an appearance that might be more at home on someone's nails, Krispy Kreme South Korea's new Rainbow Gloss Donuts offer a glossy, sparkling sheen of icing.

The donuts feature the Original Glazed topped with sparkly, flavored icing. They come in five different colors to mimic a rainbow: Purple Gloss, Green Gloss, Yellow Gloss, Orange Gloss, and Red Gloss.

Purple Gloss is blueberry-flavored, Green Gloss is kiwi-flavored, Yellow Gloss is mango-flavored, and Orange Gloss is orange-flavored. Deviating from the fruit theme (and the expected strawberry or cherry), Red Gloss instead features the flavor of red velvet.

A single donut runs for 1500 Won (~$1.28 USD).

Interestingly, the gloss donuts aren't new to the chain and are even offered over in the UK. However, Krispy Kreme UK only offers the Strawberry Gloss donut rather than a rainbow assortment.

Personally, I find the appearance of the icing a little unnerving because it reminds me of those sparkly gel roller pens, lip gloss, and window gel clings (i.e. things you normally wouldn't be eating).

Photo via Krispy Kreme South Korea.

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