May 13, 2016

Ben & Jerry's Debuts New "Flavor Flips" of Classic Flavors

Ben & Jerry's is offering a few of their signature flavors with a slight twist for new Flavor Flips.

Available for a limited time at Ben & Jerry's scoop shops, the new or "flipped" flavors are coming out on a staggered release schedule.

First up, is Totally Baked, a twist on Half Baked featuring chocolate and vanilla ice cream with fudge brownies and fully-baked chocolate chip cookies. Half Baked is so named because the brownies are baked but the cookie dough is not.

The next two flavors have yet to be revealed but Ben & Jerry's left a clue for each:

For Flavor Flip #2:

Funny how a flavor so fictitious, turned out to be surreally delicious. 
Packed with twists, 
some sweeet, some gnarly,
like a thrill-ride on a Harley.

For Flavor Flip #3:

A scribbled lid found in the mail....
Is just the tip of a long strange tale. 
Riffs to cry for,
Flavor to tie-dye for.

*Spoiler Alert* I don't know what flavor #2 is but I figured out that flavor #3 is Cherry Garcia (the lid is referenced in this origin story).

Photo via Ben & Jerry's.

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