May 17, 2016

McDonald's Australia Adds Brie and Haloumi as More "Grown Up" Options

McDonald's Australia looks to add more "grown up" tastes with the addition of Tasmanian Brie and Grilled Haloumi to their rendition of the Create Your Taste build-your-own-burger platform.

Brie is a soft, spreadable cheese of French origin (though made in Tasmania here), while Haloumi is a semi-hard cheese from Cyprus. It has a high melting point (which makes it easily fried or grilled). The Haloumi is actually available as an alternative to a chicken filet or beef patty. Here's a video of McDonald's Halloumi in action:

They've also added new "Gourmet" Crispy Chicken that's coated with "a blend of Szechuan spices."

The net result of the new ingredients give the platform more of an international bent than you'll find at McDonald's here in the States.

Other interesting ingredients you'll find on Australia's version of the Create Your Taste platform include chili lime aioli, sliced beets, and grilled pineapple.

Image via McDonald's Australia.

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