May 30, 2016

Mac & Cheese and Corn Dog Nibblers Return to White Castle

White Castle brings back Mac & Cheese Nibblers as well as Corn Dog Nibblers leading into the summer.

Nibblers is White Castle's branding for menu items that are bite-sized portable snacks.

The Mac & Cheese Nibblers features macaroni with cheddar cheese coated in a cheddar batter and deep-fried.

Corn Dog Nibblers feature a mini hot dog made with chicken (rather than beef) that is dipped in honey corn bread batter and fried.

You can find both items for a limited time at all White Castle restaurants. As a bonus, they're offering a free Sack of either Nibblers with the online purchase of a 30-Slider Crave Case.

The fast food chain is also offering a new Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie this summer for a limited time at participating locations.

Image via White Castle.

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