Feb 2, 2017

Review: KFC - Georgia Gold Chicken

KFC's Georgia Gold Chicken features Extra Crispy bone-in fried chicken or chicken strips/tenders covered in honey mustard barbecue sauce.

Three tenders, a side, and a biscuit cost me $5.49.

Like the sauce for KFC's Nashville Hot Chicken, the honey mustard barbecue sauce seems to be oil-based, which coats the chicken well with a thinner, more moderate layer than the smothering you might get with a more standard barbecue sauce. However, if you were turned off by the greasiness of Nashville Hot (given the oil base), I'm afraid you won't find much respite here.

In taste, the sauce features an enjoyably robust note of smoky mustard along with more subtle sweet and tangy cues. There's just a touch of spicy heat to it which makes Georgia Gold ideal for those who found Nashville Hot too uncomfortable.

The batter of the chicken strips maintained an even, satisfying crunch throughout. The chicken itself was relatively thin (but fairly wide as far as chicken strips go) but juicy and tender except at the tapered ends, where it was a bit chewy and dry.

Overall, KFC's Georgia Gold Chicken provided a novel take on honey mustard barbecue sauce that complemented rather than overpowered the fried chicken underneath and made for excellent eating.

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