Sep 17, 2019

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Basically Made a Giant Hole Puncher to Turn Anything into a Bagel

Declaring it the solution for when you're craving Philadelphia Cream Cheese but don't have a bagel handy, the Philadelphia "Bagel That" is essentially a giant hole puncher meant to "make" bagels by poking a whole in various bread items including waffles, pancakes, and hamburger buns.

According to the brand, "If it looks like a bagel, you can put Philadelphia Cream Cheese on it." That's the idea for the marketing campaign anyway.

They listed the "Bagel That" on Amazon for $10 each but it looks like they're either sold out or haven't gone on sale yet. If you're angling to get one, you can keep an eye on the "Bagel That" product page here.

If you want to see the tool in action, here's the video they put together for it:

Photo via Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

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