Jan 19, 2011

Review: Pizza Hut - Big Dipper Pizza

Pizza Hut's new limited-time Big Dipper Pizza is a big rectangular pan pizza or two medium rectangular pan pizzas placed inside a large rectangular box, depending on how you look at it. It's also a sauceless pizza or an order of 24 cheesesticks, again, depending on how you look at it.

Either way, it'll cost you $12 for one Big Dipper Pizza with 4 cups of warm marinara sauce. Other sauces such as Ranch or Garlic will cost you 50 cents extra (Update 3/11/2020: for 2020, it's $12.99 and comes with two cups of marinara, 1 cup of ranch, and 1 cup of honey BBQ).

Unlike their previous big pizza, the rather disappointing Big Italy, the Big Dipper actually comes in a box although mine wasn't all that well put together can kept opening prematurely.
The pizza itself is basically Pizza Hut Cheesesticks without the seasoning and in a different cut. They're baked in rectangular pans giving them that distinctive Pizza Hut Pan Pizza oiliness that I'm not particularly fond of. Each half is cut into about 4" strips and are slightly wider than Pizza Hut's breadsticks.
Tastewise, I enjoyed eating the Big Dipper. While I'm not a fan of the whole fried bread thing, I did enjoy the substantial thickness of each dipping strip and the marinara. I would like it more if they provided a cup of Ranch dressing or two at no charge though. Fortunately, I have a couple of Ranch dipping sauces from various fast food establishments stocked in my fridge for just such occasions. It was really good!
I have to note that is was important that the Big Dipper has a thick enough crust to counterbalance the saltiness of the pepperoni and the Mozzarella cheese. There's a good amount of cheese and the pepperoni has a nice crunch.
For more inspired dipping, I would suggest dumping some red pepper flakes and/or Parmesan cheese into your marinara sauce. Black pepper works as well.

Overall, the Big Dipper is good stuff and I'm thinking quite a few Super Bowl spreads this year will enjoy the presence of one or two.

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Nutritional Info - Pizza Hut Big Dipper Pizza - per 2 strips, 12 strips per pizza (84g)
Calories - 270 (from Fat - 90)
Fat - 10g (Saturated Fat - 3g)
Sodium - 530mg
Carbs - 36g (Sugar - 6g)
Protein - 10g

Nutritional Info - Pizza Hut Marinara Dipping Sauce, per cup, 4 per pizza (85g)
Calories - 60 (from Fat - 0)
Fat - 0g (Saturated Fat - 0g)
Sodium - 440mg
Carbs - 12g (Sugar - 9g)
Protein - 2g


  1. I didn't like it at all. I didn't like that it has no sauce inside, and that you have to dip it in marinara sauce. With the sauce it's too sweet & without it's bland. I personally would rather have gotten a regular pie.

  2. No, there is no sauce, making this so-called pizza identical to cheesesticks. This is another attempt to take advantage of American consumers (we have an average IQ of 98 btw) similar to Hans Christian Andersen "The Emperor's New Clothes"

  3. No, the Pizza has no sauce. The marinara sauce is a bit more tomato-y and less sweet than their pizza sauce but they actually have to pump it individually into the cups from a heated dispenser so it make actually take more time.

    I would say the end result is probably the same as buying two medium pizzas for $12.

  4. So this is just an open faced pepperoni p'zone?

  5. I've never had a P'zone but I'm guessing the crust is a bit different. It's like a Pan Pizza without the sauce.

  6. Sauce was a tad too sweet, but having no sauce on the pizza keeps it nice and crispy and the pepperoni had a nice crisp as well. Great deal for only $12!

  7. Soooo... let me see... Does the pizza itself have pizza sauce on it?

    I'm wondering if they save money and time by... heh, just putting the sauce in cups, if the dipping sauce is less expensive than their pizza sauce, or some other factor...

    What's their angle?


  8. I made an uniformed, stupid decision when I ordered the Big Dipper from the Pizza Hut down the street. I walked into the restaurant. I looked at the Poster on the wall, and I assumed that it was a large, rectangular, Sicilian pizza for $12. I was in a hurry, so I ordered one to go. A dumb move! I paid $12 for a box full of bread-sticks. The layer of cheese was so thin that you couldn't really couldn't taste it. The pepperoni was razor thin, too thin to add much flavor. It tasted like a piece of greasy bread. It came with a few cups of watery sauce.
    The Big Dipper Is A Rip-off!

  9. You are a loser

  10. dude your insane its not the best pizza but its pizza i agree this is breadsticks but they still make pizza thats why its called pizza hut.. and they might have a bad reputation but there a million dollar company wow...

  11. its not a pizza, its CHEESY BREADSTICKS. I have not ordered from a pizza hut in over 2 years because of their company long bad reputation of making pizza. Well, looks like I made a mistake, now they don’t even make PIZZA..


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