Nov 14, 2020

Chipotle Opens New Digital Kitchen Where You Can Only Order Online

Chipotle opens their first-ever restaurant where you can only order in advance and only via their website, app, or through a third-party delivery service. They're calling it the "Chipotle Digital Kitchen" and it's a prototype for the chain that's geared towards urban areas that might not fit a full-size restaurant.

The Chipotle Digital Kitchen is located just outside the military academy in Highland Falls, NY and only offers takeout and delivery. The location does not offer a dining room or ordering counter (there is a pick up counter/lobby and a view of the kitchen however).

The Digital Kitchen can also fulfill large catering orders with a separate lobby and dedicated entry for pick up.

The concept comes about as digital sales for the chain have picked up threefold over the same time last year.

Photo via Chipotle.

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