Nov 6, 2020

Denny's Adds New Melt Varieties and New Bowls to the Menu

Denny's ushers in fall 2020 with comfort food in the form of a new Melts line up and hearty Bowls. They've also brought back some familiar dishes for the holidays.

The featured Melt selection includes:

- The Grand Slamwich (regular menu item) - Scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, and American cheese on potato bread grilled with a maple spice spread.

- New All-American Patty Melt - A beef patty with caramelized onions, Swiss & American cheeses, and All-American sauce on grilled potato bread.

- New Chick 'N' Shroom Melt -Grilled seasoned chicken breast, sauteed mushrooms, spinach, Swiss cheese, and mayo on grilled potato bread.

Each Melt comes with a side of wavy-cut fries.

As for new Bowls, they include:

- Steakhouse Deluxe Bowl - Grilled prime rib, served over red-skinned mashed potatoes, broccoli, pepper jack queso, cheddar cheese, and diced bacon. Dinner bread comes on the side. If prime rib isn't your thing, you can switch it out for chicken tenders.

- Chicken Biscuit & Gravy Bowl - Two open-faced biscuits topped with fried chicken tenders, country gravy, cheddar cheese, and two eggs.

Here for the holidays, Denny's brings back the Turkey & Dressing Dinner (although I believe it's on the regular menu at some locations) as well as pumpkin and pecan pie.

Photo via Denny's.

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