Nov 12, 2020

New Pringles Scorchin' Spicy Crisps Set to Arrive in December 2020

Pringles adds a new, limited-edition line-up of spicy potato crisps that they're calling Pringles Scorchin'.

Promising "bold flavor followed by a heat that builds over time," the Pringles Scorchin' line-up includes the following varieties: Pringles Scorchin' Cheddar, Pringles Scorchin' BBQ, and Pringles Scorchin' Chili & Lime. They're basically meant to be spicy versions of existing Pringles flavors.

You can find new Pringles Scorchin' in 5.5-oz cans for a suggested price of $1.99 at retailers nationwide starting in December 2020. They'll also be available in a snackable Grab & Go size sometime in 2021.

Photo via Pringles.

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