Nov 30, 2020

Taco Bell Introduces Online-Only Veggie Cravings Menu

After removing potato bites from the menu earlier this year, Taco Bell looks to soften the blow a tad by offering the online-only Veggie Cravings Menu, a vegetarian-friendly menu.

The menu basically just groups the vegetarian-friendly menu items and a number of popular menu items customized to be vegetarian-friendly into one place for faster ordering. Here's what you'll find on the Veggie Cravings Menu along with their suggested prices:

- Limited-time Black Bean Toasted Cheddar Chalupa - Black beans, lettuce, tomato, shredded cheese, and reduced fat sour cream in a Toasted Cheddar Chalupa shell - $2.99

- Limited-time Veggie Nachos Party Pack - $9.99

- Black Bean Chalupa - $3.29

- Black Bean Quesarito - $3.19

- Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme - $3.69

- Power Menu Bowl - Veggie - $5.49

- Bean Burrito - $1.29

- Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito - $1.00

- Cheesy Roll Up - $1.00

- Cheese Quesadilla - $2.99

- Chips and Nacho Cheese Sauce - $1.00

- Black Beans and Rice - $1.49

- Cinnamon Twists - $1.00

- Cinnabon Delights 2 Pack - $1.29

- Cinnabon Delights 12 Pack - $4.99

- Hash Brown - $1.29

For the most part, the customized menu items that made it onto the Veggie Cravings Menu either swap out seasoned beef for black beans or, in the case of the Veggie Nachos Party Pack, the beef is just removed (it still costs the same as the non-vegetarian version though).

Photo via Taco Bell.

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