Nov 15, 2020

Jeni's Releases Five Holiday Ice Cream Flavors for 2020

Jeni's welcomes five holiday ice cream flavors to round out 2020. They include:

- White Chocolate Peppermint - Pink and white peppermint ice creams swirled together with white chocolate freckles.

- Cognac with Gingerbread - Cognac ice cream (with notes of butterscotch and brown suga) mixed with dark caramel sauce and spiced gingerbread cake. 

- Sugar Plum - Plum wine ice cream with amaretti cookies and plum jam.

- Campfire Chocolate - Smoky milk chocolate ice cream with handmade marshmallows.

- Sparkling Berry Punch - A purple berry (black currant, blackberry, and raspberry) sorbet made with Chandon sparkling wine.

You can find the seasonal holiday flavors at (for $12 a pint), at Jeni's scoops shops across the country, and at select grocery stores.

Photo via Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams.

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