Nov 20, 2020

Tastykake Reveals 2020 Holiday Snack Selection

Tastykake offers up a plethora of baked snacks for the 2020 holiday season including Glazed Chocolate Mint Pies and Holiday Cookies.

Here's the full Tastykake holiday selection for this year:

- Holiday Cookies - Shortbread cookies topped with festive red & green sprinkles in a festive, resealable tub.

- Black and White Mini Donuts - Mini chocolate cake donuts with a powdered coating. You can find them in resealable bags and single-serve sleeves.

- Salted Caramel Flavored Mini Donuts - Mini cake donuts with a caramel- and salt-flavored crumble coating. They come in both resealable bags and single-serve sleeves.

- Glazed Chocolate Mint Pies - Mint and chocolate-flavored filling in a  glazed, flaky crust. These are available in single-serve packaging. 

- Holiday Pecan & Chocolate Swirls - Pecan Swirls and Chocolate Swirls in limited-time, festive, holiday-themed packaging. They come in 2-count sleeves and 6-count trays.

- Snowman Creme Filled Snowballs - A chocolate cake with creme filling and a coconut and marshmallow coating. Available now in 2-count packs.

- Holiday Powdered Sugar, Frosted, and Crunch Mini Donuts - Three of the brand's classic mini donuts varieties  (Powdered, Frosted, and Crunch) can be found in single-serve holiday-themed sleeves.

You can use the Tastykake online product locator to see if any of the holiday items are available near you.

Photo via Tastykake.

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