Nov 17, 2020

KFC UK Introduces New Gravy Burger Featuring a Hash Brown Gravy Boat and "Gravynnaise"

Celebrating Christmas 2020, KFC UK introduces the new Gravy Burger, which features, among other things, "Gravynnaise" and a Hash Brown Gravy Boat.

As you may have guessed "Gravynnaise" is a mixture of gravy and mayo, while the Hash Brown Gravy Boat is a specially-shaped hash brown with a bit of a hollow on top to hold an extra amount of gravy inside the burger. Beyond the two components, the Gravy Burger also includes an Original Recipe chicken filet, a slice of cheese, and a toasted sesame seed bun.

You can get the sandwich as part of the Gravy Burger Box for £6.99 ($9.27 US), which also includes a new mini gravy pouring cup (it's a plastic cup with a spout), an Original Recipe Mini Filet, a side, Gravynnaise for dipping, and a drink.

Photo via KFC UK.

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