Nov 24, 2020

Ferrara Welcomes New 2020 Holiday Candies and Cookies

Ferrara Candy Company welcomes a new slate of seasonal candies and cookies for their 2020 holiday line-up, which runs across brands including Nerds, Brach's, Keebler, and more.

Here's are the new items you'll find in this year's Ferrara holiday line-up:

- Brach's Giant-Sized Peppermint Candy Canes

- Nerds Giant Candy Canes - The flavor is a combination of Nerds Tangy Grape and Strawberry.

- Nerds Tangy Candy Canes - Standard-size, fruit-flavored candy canes with several varieties in each pack: Watermelon and Cherry, Strawberry and Grape, and Blue Raspberry and Tropical Punch.

- SweeTarts Twisted Holiday Punch Ropes - Fruit-flavored red and green ropes with a chewy licorice shell, surrounding a soft, white, fruity center.

- The Elf on the Shelf fruit-flavored snacks - They come in six flavors and colorful holiday shapes.

- Keebler Make-a-Wreath Cookie Decorating Kit - The first DIY cookie kit from Keebler. Each kit includes unadorned cookies (without the signature stripes on top but with fudge on the bottom), festive green frosting, and an assortment of candies for decorating.

- Keebler Fudge Stripes Minis Wreaths - Mini shortbread cookies are covered with green fudge.

- Mother's Circus Animal Reindeer Games Cookies - Vanilla-flavored shortbread cookies shaped as reindeer and covered with green and white icing and nonpareil sprinkles.

- For baking, there's Brach's Milk Chocolate Stars, Spicy Cinnamon Imperials, and Peppermint Crushed Canes.

Photo via Ferrara.

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