Nov 30, 2020

Chipotle Tests New Smoked Brisket

Chipotle tests new Smoked Brisket as a protein option at 64 locations in the Cincinnati, OH and Sacramento, CA areas.

According to the chain, their smoked brisket is "seasoned with a special spice blend, seared on the grill every day, and finished with a sauce made with Mexican peppers." It seems likely that the brisket is smoked off premise and shipped to each location where it's finished on the grill before slicing and serving.

Pricing-wise, one location has an entree with brisket costing $9.45 compared to $7.25 for chicken and $8.25 for steak. The calorie count for Chipotle's brisket is 330 per serving compared to 180 calories for chicken, and 150 calories for steak.

Photo via Chipotle.

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