Dec 24, 2020

KFC UK Reveals Video Game Console with Warming Tray for Fried Chicken

In partnership with Cooler Master, KFC UK reveals the new KFConsole, a mini gaming computer that includes a slide-out warming tray that can hold your fried chicken while you play.

They're calling the fried chicken tray the "Chicken Chamber" and it's kept warm by the normal heat generated by the computer redirected with an airflow system.

Beyond the Chicken Chamber, the KFConsole's is VR Ready, supports ray tracing and 4K, and can run games at 240 fps. It's also shaped somewhat like a KFC bucket.

It's seems unlikely that they'll sell the KFConsole to the general public but it does conveniently appear in time to capitalize on the recent launches for the latest generation of Xbox (the Xbox Series X and Series S) and Playstation (PS5) video game consoles. It does seem ripe for a giveaway though.

Photos via KFC UK.

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