Dec 30, 2020

Whataburger Keeps the Spicy Chicken Sandwich Around a Bit Longer and Adds New Brioche Bun

Whataburger's Spicy Chicken Sandwich gets an extension to its limited-time run at the chain and gets a slight tweak as well with a new brioche bun replacing the previous four-inch plain bun.

Beside the brioche bun, the Spicy Chicken Sandwich includes a marinated, crispy-fried chicken filet served with leaf lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and mayo.

The sandwich was first introduced in October of this year and costs $4.89 (may vary).

You can opt for the chain's 4-inch bun or Texas toast in place of the brioche bun for no extra charge.

Photo via Whataburger.

Nutritional Info - Whataburger Spicy Chicken Sandwich (253g)
Calories - 465 (from Fat - 60)
Fat - 17g (Saturated Fat - 4g)
Sodium - 1310mg
Carbs - 58g (Sugar - 10g)
Protein - 23g

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