Dec 31, 2020

Top Five New Fast Food Dishes I Tried in 2020

2020 has been a doozy of a year but it's almost over, so here are my top five picks for new fast food dishes in 2020 (in alphabetical order):

- Arby's - Spicy Greek Gyro - Not just a spicier take on Arby's solid and convenient option for a Greek gyro, but a more flavorful one as well.

- Little Caesars - Pepperoni Cheeser Cheeser - The pepperoni is the standard stuff you get at most major pizza chains, but I appreciate that they tried the fresh mozzarella and basil combination on a cheap $7 pizza--and that it worked out well.

- Popeyes - Chocolate Beignets - I'm happy I can get some quick, hot, and fresh beignets in town (for however long they stick around) without driving all the way to Disneyland.

- Taco Bell - Grilled Cheese Burrito - A coat of melted and slightly browned cheese on a burrito? Yes, please! Why is it not an option for all burritos?!

- Wendy - Seasoned Potatoes - The new breakfast sandwiches are good, but I always find myself gravitating towards the wonderfully crispy potatoes with a moist interior and an even-handed amount of peppery seasoning.

Honorable MentionsCarl's Jr. Big Fried Cheese Angus Thickburger (the rest of the burger was decent enough, but I'd pay just to get the Big Fried Cheese portion with its oozy American cheese and crispy exterior) and KFC's Chicken and Donut Sandwich (they didn't go well together but the donut portion was a nice option at a fast food restaurant).

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