Dec 5, 2020

New Honey Buffalo Mother Cruncher Arrives at Checkers and Rally's

Checkers and Rally's add some heat to the menu with the arrival of the new Honey Buffalo Mother Cruncher.

Available for a limited time at participating locations, the new chicken sandwich features a chicken breast filet with a "super crunchy" breading that's lightly fried in a honey Buffalo glaze and served with pepper jack cheese, crispy onion tanglers, lettuce, and Ranch dressing on a toasted, bakery-style bun.

The Honey Buffalo Mother Cruncher makes the third chicken sandwich in the Mother Cruncher line (along with the Classic and Bacon BBQ Mother Cruncher).

Prices may vary but the new sandwich goes for $4.99 in my area (which is $1 more than the Classic Mother Cruncher and the same price as the Bacon BBQ Mother Cruncher).

Photo via Checkers and Rally's.

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