Dec 23, 2020

Subway UK Serves Up Bacon-Wrapped Sausage in the Tiger Pig Sub for 2020 Holiday Season

Subway UK has a whole holiday menu this year and it includes the Tiger Pig Sub which features a bacon-wrapped pork sausage (the "pig" portion) on new Tiger Bread.

Apparently, "pigs in a blanket" in the UK refers to sausages wrapped in bacon and is a popular dish around this time of year (Papa John's UK is also selling pigs in a blanket for the Christmas season). Here in the US, "pigs in a blanket" more commonly refers to sausages wrapped in dough.

Tiger Bread is regular Subway bread that is spread with rice paste prior to baking so that it forms a crisp crust that cracks during baking to give the bread an appearance that coined its name (although some have pointed out that calling it "giraffe bread" would be more true to the pattern on the bread; in the SF Bay area, it's better known as Dutch crunch bread).

Beyond the Tiger Pig Sub, the holiday menu (which has been available since early November) includes:

- Turkey Bread SubStack - Sliced turkey breast and hash browns with a choice of veggies, condiments, and bread.

- Pigs In Blankets Pot - A bowl of cut up bacon-wrapped sausage with sauce for dipping.

- Turkey Breast Toasted Bite - Not all that Christmas-y but it's turkey breast, American cheese, and a choice of two veggies on a small Ciabatta roll.

- Mince Pie Cookie - They call it "mince pie in a cookie." Mince pie or mincemeat pie doesn't actually contain meat. The mince or mincemeat refers to a filling of dried fruit and spices.

- Chocolate Orange Cookie - Chocolate oranges are popular in the UK around this time of year (you can also find them here in the States).

- Honeycomb Latte - A latte with honeycomb syrup.

Photos via Subway UK.