Dec 3, 2020

Lee Kum Kee Branches Out with New Rice and Noodle Bowls

Lee Kum Kee, best known for producing Asian sauces and condiments, branches out with the introduction of new, microwaveable Rice Bowls and Noodle Bowls.

The new line features eight varieties:

- Chinese Style Dan Dan Noodles with peanut sauce and sesame oil

- Asian Style Soy Garlic Noodles with carrot and cabbage

- Asian Style Sesame Teriyaki Noodles with miso and garlic

- Hong-Kong Style Chow Mein with sesame seed and spring onion

- Peruvian Style Fried Rice with soy sauce and chili Peppers

- Spicy Fried Rice with chili and Sichuan pepper powder

- Mexican Style Fried Rice with black beans and corn

- Chicken Flavored Brown Rice with carrot and spring onion

Lee Kum Kee calls the new line, "a re-imagined twist on instant rice and noodles that celebrates traditional flavors in today's modern kitchens."

Each bowl takes less than three minutes to heat up in the microwave and contains 8 to 14 grams of protein each. Also, the bowl and lid are recyclable.

Lee Kum Kee Rice and Noodle Bowls are currently available in select stores in Northern California, Seattle, and Colorado. A wider national release is slated for early 2021. The suggested price per bowl is $4.49.

Photo via Lee Kum Kee.

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