Dec 8, 2020

Pizza Hut Serves Up New Beef Wellington Pizza in Taiwan

Pizza Hut is currently offering a new Beef Wellington Pizza over in Taiwan for a limited time.

The petal-shaped pizza features a crust that's lined with cheese pockets (similar to the Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza they sold here in the US back in 2013) with a hash brown disc in each pocket.

The Beef Wellington Pizza comes topped with slices of steak that's been simmered with red wine and balsamic vinegar, mozzarella cheese, spinach, mushrooms, red bell peppers, balls of mashed potatoes with corn, and rectangles of flaky, puff pastry.

Traditionally, beef Wellington consists of a beef tenderloin coated with pate and duxelles, wrapped in prosciutto and puff pastry, and then baked. Pizza Hut's pizza version is a bit like a deconstructed take on the dish.

The pizza was introduced in early November and is slated to be available through mid-December 2020.

Photo via Pizza Hut Taiwan.

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