Dec 21, 2020

McDonald's China Puts Out New Oreo Spam Burger

As a one-day-only promotion, McDonald's China is selling the new Oreo Spam Burger in limited amounts today (December 21, 2020).

The new burger features the odd sweet-and-salty combination of crushed Oreo cookies and two slices of grilled Spam luncheon meat (along with what seems to be either mayo or vanilla Oreo creme) on a sesame seed bun.

They're selling up to 400,000 of the sandwiches for 13.14 yuan (~$2.01 US).

Apparently, the McDonald's China Weibo page has user's account of eating the sandwich, that roughly translates (via Google Translate) to "This Oreo luncheon meat is unexpectedly delicious. I bought one and tasted it today. I thought it would not be sweet and salty. I didn’t expect it. Unexpected harmony and delicious​​​​."

If you're curious enough, it shouldn't be too difficult to make something similar at home.

Photo via McDonald's China.

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