Dec 2, 2021

Baskin-Robbins Debuts New Gingerbread House Ice Cream and Snowman Cake for 2021 Holiday Season

Baskin-Robbins debuts new Gingerbread House ice cream and the Brrr the Snowman Cake for the 2021 holiday season.

Available for a limited time, Gingerbread House ice cream is Baskin-Robbins' December Flavor of the Month and features gingerbread-flavored ice cream with gingerbread cookie bites, peppermint pieces, and a confetti icing drizzle.

The Brrr the Snowman Cake includes your choice of ice cream and cake made to look like a snowman (complete with an icing carrot nose, tree branch arms, buttons, and a smile made of fudge, a scarf made of icing, and a cake cone and "melted" ice cream made of icing on top) that sits on a bed of "melting snow icing. 

Photo via Baskin-Robbins.

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