Dec 14, 2021

Subway Protein Bowls Now Going by "No Bready Bowls"

Subway has changed the name of their Protein Bowls to "No Bready Bowls," which sounds a bit like something a four-year-old child might call the bowl if they saw you eating it.

Joking aside, it's an interesting naming choice given that the previous name was fairly descriptive while highlighting the key feature, whereas the new name suggests more of a low-carb aspect. Also, generally bowls tend to be "no bready" already unless you're talking about actual bread bowls or something like a bowl of pasta where you get a breadstick or piece of bread on the side.

Regardless, Subway's No Bready Bowl, like the Protein Bowl before it, comes with all the protein, vegetables, cheese, and sauce of any Footlong sub but served in a bowl (without any bread). Compared to their salads, you get roughly twice the protein and slightly less veggies.

Photo via Subway.