Dec 6, 2021

Review: Carl's Jr. - Cinnamon Roll

Carl's Jr.'s Cinnamon Roll is described by the chain as "flakey, gooey, pillow-y goodness topped with sweet icing, served warm." It's served all day rather than just during breakfast hours.

I bought one for $2.99. From what I can tell, they microwave it to warm it, which is pretty standard for fast food cinnamon rolls in my experience.

The taste was nice enough. There was a balanced mix of cinnamon and sweet glaze-type icing.

The texture was a weird mixed of soggy dough on the bottom where the icing pooled, dry bread at the sides and edges and somewhat moist pillowy dough in the center. I wouldn't say the Cinnamon Roll was flaky but I guess the soggy portions were also gooey and it was pillowy at parts.

When it comes down to it, Carl's Jr. Cinnamon Roll wasn't bad in terms of flavor but was subpar (and varied in a bad way) in terms of texture. I wouldn't say it's any better than a store-bought packaged cinnamon roll. My guess is it's probably set up as an impulse buy item.

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