Dec 1, 2021

Review: Burger King - Ch'King Sandwich

Burger King's Ch'King sandwich features a crispy-fried, hand-breaded chicken filet served with pickles and Signature Sauce on a toasted potato bun.

It cost $4.99 for one.

The chicken filet I got on my Ch'King sandwich was the thickest I've ever gotten from any fast food restaurant (it was also pretty big in general). Additionally, it was juicy and tender (more so than any chicken I've ever gotten from this particular Burger King, which is the same Burger King I've gone to for every Burger King review that has appeared on the blog). I actually gave the filet a little squeeze and some juice dribbled out.

The crust on the filet was light in texture but fairly thick with a medium amount of cragginess.

Flavor-wise, the filet was fairly neutral with mostly salt and some light spices. You could probably order one without sauce and add whatever sauce or seasoning you like to it.

The pickles added a nice crunch and slight sweetness, while the bun was soft and airy with some spring to it.

The Signature Sauce tasted like a slightly mustard-y mayo. It was fairly mild but contributed a richness to the sandwich.

Overall, Burger King's Ch'King Sandwich makes for an excellent fried chicken sandwich. The quality and size of the fried chicken filet is really, really good (although I think I might have lucked out on the king of Ch'King filets on this visit but I've had the Spicy Ch'King before and it was also really nice). I do like the Spicy Ch'King a little better though for its extra heat and flavor.

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