Dec 24, 2021

Review: Papa John's - NY Style Pizza

Top-down view of Papa John's NY Style Pizza.

Papa John's NY Style Pizza is an extra-large (16-inch), hand-tossed pizza that promises "hand-stretched, oversized, foldable slices."

The NY Style Pizza is available for a limited time through March 13, 2021 starting at $13 with one topping (may vary) but I received one topped with pepperoni courtesy of Papa John's.

Slices of Papa John's NY Style Pizza.

The NY Style Pizza didn't seem all that different from the chain's regular pizza--it's just a little thinner with less end crust and is cut into fewer, bigger slices. It reminded me a lot of Papa John's recent Shaq-A-Roni, which was also an extra large pizza cut into oversized slices for $13 but came with extra pepperoni and extra cheese (you couldn't pick your topping though).

The crust for the NY Style, like the Shaq-A-Roni, came stretched out pretty evenly from center-to-edge but the toppings don't go as far to the edge as the Shaq-A-Roni. It's made with the same dough as their regular pizza so it's no surprise that it has that same chewy bread-y feeling to it that's airy but with small, even bubbling. The crust was occasionally crisped on the bottom and decently crispy at the edge. The slices were soft and large enough to be folded but felt a little too sturdy and sterile in the result.

Cross-section of a slice of Papa John's NY Style Pizza.

The sauce went on pretty sparingly--there was just enough to leave a tomato-y accent to each bite but not a single drop or speck dripped off as I ate the pizza.

The cheese came in an even layer but, as is typical big chain pizzas, it melts well enough but there's not much in the way of stretch or pull to it. In fact, all the slices were cut clean through and separated with not even a single strand of cheese stretching to hold them together. This was also true the next day when I heated a slice hot enough to burn my tongue.

The pepperoni wasn't plentiful but there was a good amount of coverage and it was both crispy and flavorful.

A folded slice of Papa John's NY Style Pizza.

Taken altogether, Papa John's NY Style Pizza made for a typical non-regional-specific, extra-large, hand-tossed chain pizza, which is to say it's enjoyable enough but I'm not sure most people would think "New York-style pizza" when eating it. Although, I could probably say the same thing about Domino's similarly positioned Brooklyn Style Pizza.

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