Dec 22, 2021

New Betty Crocker Dunkaroos Complete Pancake Kit Appears in Stores

Betty Crocker adds the new Dunkaroos Complete Pancake Kit with Rainbow Sprinkles to their line of co-branded desserts.

Each 16.2-oz pancake kit includes rainbow sprinkles pancake mix (just add water or milk), and Dunkaroos rainbow sprinkle frosting. Each kit is enough to make about sixteen 3 1/2" pancakes.

The new Dunkaroos Complete Pancake Kit with Rainbow Sprinkles is currently rolling out to stores and is not yet available for sale online.

General Mills (which owns Betty Crocker) has been rapidly expanding the number of Dunkaroos products it offers since bringing back the '90s snack product just last year. So far, they've put out Dunkaroos frosting, Dunkaroos cereal, Go-Gurt Dunkaroos, and Dunkaroos sugar cookie dough.

Photo via Betty Crocker.

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