Dec 29, 2021

El Pollo Loco Launches Three New Dos Locos Salads

El Pollo Loco launches three new Dos Locos Salads as we head into 2022. They include the Cheesy Quesadilla Dos Locos Salad, Chicken Taquitos Dos Locos Salad, and the Unwrapped Burrito Dos Locos Salad.

The Cheesy Quesadilla Dos Locos Salad features a cheese quesadilla served next to a salad of lettuce blend, organic super greens, a double portion of chopped chicken breast, pico de gallo, avocado, and queso fresco. Creamy Cilantro dressing comes on the side.

The Chicken Taquitos Dos Locos Salad is much the same except it includes chicken taquitos in place of the cheese quesadilla, while the Unwrapped Burrito Dos Locos Salad basically sees the same salad placed on a 10-inch flour tortilla.

All three Dos Locos Salads can be found for a limited time at participating El Pollo Loco locations. Prices vary but the salads cost $7.49 each in my area.

Photo via El Pollo Loco.

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