Dec 26, 2021

Pizza Hut Taiwan Serves Up New Basque Lava Cheesecake

Pizza Hut Taiwan serves up the new Basque Lava Cheesecake as a dessert option for special occasions.

The Basque Lava Cheesecake is essentially Pizza Hut's take on the Basque burnt cheesecake and features a crust-less cheesecake with a browned surface and a "bursting lava cheese filling" (Basque burnt cheesecakes tend to have a gooey center).

Basque burnt cheesecakes are different than New York-style cheesecakes in that they're a good deal lighter and airier and aren't made with a crust.

Pizza Hut's Basque Lava Cheesecake is sold whole and costs $888 NT (~$32.07 US). 888 is considered a lucky number in Chinese numerology as it symbolizes wealth and good fortune.

Photo via Pizza Hut Taiwan.

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