Dec 12, 2021

Domino's South Korea Serves Up Master 3-Course Pizza with Entree, Appetizer, and Dessert on Single Pizza

Domino's serves up the new Master 3-Course Pizza featuring an entree, appetizer, and dessert on a single pizza over in South Korea.

The Master 3-Course Pizza is cut up into strips rather than slices and half of the pizza is devoted to the main dish, while the other two quarters cover the appetizer and dessert portions.

The main dish / entree features Cajun-marinated shrimp, flower squid tossed in horseradish sauce, and pieces of Korean BBQ beef.

The appetizer portion features a topping of sweet tomato compote with ricotta cheese and white balsamic sauce.

Finally, the dessert portion comes topped with sweet potato mousse, fromage blanc cream cheese mousse, and cheesecake cubes.

Prices for Domino's Master 3-Course Pizza starts at 28,000 won (~$23.65 US) for a medium pizza.

Photo via Domino's South Korea.

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