Dec 8, 2021

KFC Tests New Capital City Mambo Sauce in Washington, DC, Dallas, and Atlanta

KFC is currently offering Sweet Hot Capital City mambo sauce as a test at select locations in the Washington, DC area as well as the Dallas and Atlanta areas for a limited time.

Sweet Hot Capital City mambo sauce features a tomato base and lightly sweet flavor infused with cayenne and habanero pepper for a medium heat. According to KFC, it pairs well with their fried chicken and sides.

During the test, you can purchase it as part of a combo as well as getting it added to any menu item for an extra charge.

Capital City is a Black-owned specialty foods maker based in Arnold, Maryland that's known for their mambo sauce. Mambo sauce is a regional sauce specific to the DC area that originally became popular in the 1950s as a staple at many take-out establishments, particularly at wing shops in historically Black neighborhoods, but eventually expanding to the mainstream. Today, you can find it at grocery retailers as well as at various restaurants in the area.

With the test, KFC is looking into the prospect of offering the sauce nationwide. If you're curious about the sauce, it's available for purchase online at the Capital City website as well as on Amazon.

Photo via KFC.

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