Dec 26, 2022

Review: McDonald's - Smoky BLT Quarter Pounder with Cheese

McDonald's Smoky BLT Quarter Pounder with Cheese features a made-to-order quarter-pound beef patty, two slices of American cheese, thick-cut applewood-smoked bacon, Roma tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and smoky sauce on a toasted sesame seed bun.

I bought one for $7.19.

For the most part, the only Smoky BLT Quarter Pounder is a lot like a Quarter Pounder with Cheese Deluxe but with a few ingredients shuffled out and bacon and new smoky sauce put in. As such, the burger came off as pretty familiar except for the new sauce.

Smoky sauce felt like a tangier mayo (from the addition of cultured sour cream) with added smoke flavor. The smokiness augmented the bacon but the extra tang seemed unnecessary as it distracted from the BLT concept.

Roma tomatoes tend to be have a more robust tomato flavor than regular tomatoes and these were fairly ripe so the flavor came through. However, Roma tomatoes are also small in comparison and, combined with the somewhat wilted lettuce, often threatened to spill/slide out of my burger. It made for messy eating for a burger that isn't all that saucy.

The bacon was lightly crisped with an enjoyable smoky pork taste and the beef patty was moist. The bun was soft and squishy but resilient.

At the end of the day, McDonald's Smoky BLT Quarter Pounder with Cheese felt a little uninspired. I liked the smokiness of the burger but it's been done before on quite a few occasions and the tanginess was a bit overbearing. Eating it made me want an actual BLT.

Nutritional Info - McDonald's Smoky BLT Quarter Pounder with Cheese
Calories - 770 (from Fat - 460)
Fat - 51g (Saturated Fat - 18g)
Sodium - 1410mg
Carbs - 41g (Sugar - 9g)
Protein - 36g

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