Dec 17, 2022

KFC Canada Gets Gravy Lovers Sandwich Featuring a Hash Brown "Gravy Bowl"

KFC Canada celebrates the 2022 holiday season with the limited-time arrival of the Gravy Lovers Sandwich, which features an indented hashbrown "gravy bowl" that you can fill with an included individual gravy serving.

In addition to the indented hashbrown, KFC's Gravy Lovers Sandwich also includes a crispy-fried chicken filet, a slice of Monterey Jack cheese, and mayo served on a plain bun.

While the concept is new to Canada, a similar sandwich has previously appeared on the menu as a Christmas-themed sandwich in the UK as well as in New Zealand. Perhaps, an appearance in Canada means that it might extend its reach here to the US (it seems unlikely though as KFC generally doesn't offer holiday-themed menu items here in the US--just holiday-themed bucket designs).

Photo via KFC Canada.

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