Dec 8, 2022

KFC Japan Serves Up New Fried Lobster Bisque Patty in a Chicken Sandwich

Since soup is an apt cold weather food, KFC Japan looks to warm customers up this winter with the debut of a new fried chicken sandwich with a breaded and deep-fried patty filled with lobster bisque (they call it a "bisque croquette").

The lobster bisque croquette is joined by a crispy-fried boneless chicken filet and tomato sauce on a bun. You can get it with or without a slice of cheese.

The price on the lobster bisque chicken sandwich comes out to 490 yen (a rather cheap ~$3.59 US with the current strong dollar) without cheese and 520 yen (~$3.81 US).

Even with a thickened soup, the sandwich looks to be a rather messy eating experience.

Photo via KFC Japan.

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