Dec 16, 2022

McDonald's Brazil Debuts New McFlurry with "Cat's Tongue" Chocolate Truffles

McDonald's Brazil debuts a new McFlurry mixed with Kopenhagen Cat's Tongue Duo chocolate truffles. Kopenhagen is a popular Brazilian chocolatier while cat tongues are a type of chocolate that come in a cat's tongue-like shape (they don't come in that shape for the new McFlurry however--probably because they're more prone to break apart).

McDonald Brazil's new Kopenhagen Cat's Tongue Duo McFlurry features chocolate truffles with a white chocolate filling (hence the "Duo"), mixed with vanilla soft serve and a choice of either hot fudge, strawberry, or caramel syrup. Apparently, there's an option to add even more truffles to your McFlurry.

In case you're wondering what Cat's Tongue chocolates normally look like, I've included a picture below:

First Photo via McDonald's Brazil. Second Photo via Kopenhagen.

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