Dec 6, 2022

McDonald's Tests Drive-Thru Conveyor and More in Fort Worth, TX

McDonald's tests new restaurant features such as a conveyor to deliver food and beverages at the drive-thru at a test restaurant just out of Fort Worth, TX.

The food and beverage conveyor part of an Order Ahead Lane, which is a separate drive-thru lane for customers who placed their orders ahead of their arrival through the McDonald's app. It's meant to be faster and more convenient than the regular drive-thru lane and is slightly different than the dumb waiter in use at a new Taco Bell restaurant that opened earlier this year.

The test restaurant is "considerably" smaller versus a regular McDonald's restaurant (it was formerly a McDonald's Express) as it's geared mostly for takeout and delivery orders. The restaurant includes a designated room for delivery order pick-ups, ordering kiosks, and a mobile order pick-up shelf. Just outside the restaurant, there are a number of parking spaces dedicated for curbside order pick-ups as well as dedicated parking spaces for delivery drivers. There isn't any seating.

You can find the test location at 8540 West Fwy, White Settlement, TX 76108.

Photo via McDonald's.

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