Jan 1, 2022

Del Taco Updates "Del's Dollar Deals" Value Menu to New "20 Under $2" Menu

Del Taco goes into the new year with an update to their value menu that also sees a name change from "Del's Dollar Deals" to the "20 Under $2" menu.

The 20 items on the new 20 Under $2 value menu include:

- Chicken Del Carbon Taco
- New Chicken Del Carbon Taco Guac'd Up (i.e. "with guacamole")
- Crispy Chicken Taco (with Ranch, Habanero, or Chipotle Sauce)
- New Crispy Chicken Taco Guac'd Up
- Bean & Cheese Burrito
- Chicken Roller (in Original, Ranch, or Chipotle varieties)
- Crunchtada Tostada
- Snack Taco (the new name for the Value Taco apparently, which, in turn, was once the Classic Taco [and before that, it was just their "taco"])
- Snack Queso Quesadilla
- 3 Layer Queso Nachos
- 4-piece Donut Bites
- Mini Shakes
- Medium Brewed Iced Tea
- Regular Prima Java Iced Coffee
- New Real Strawberry Sprite
- Real Strawberry Lemonade

While I've only listed 16 menu items, the three varieties of the Chicken Roller and Crispy Chicken Taco are each counted as one item for Del Taco's 20 Under $2 value menu.

Prices for the items vary but range from $1 to $1.69 in my area. The previous version of the value menu included items priced at a dollar or less.

Photo via Del Taco.

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