Jun 3, 2017

Review: Little Caesars - ExtraMostBestest Pizza

Little Caesars' ExtraMostBestest Pizza is an upgraded take on their "classic" pepperoni pizza that offers 80% more pepperoni and 25% more cheese according to the signage at my local Little Caesars.

I went and bought a large for $6 (versus $5 for the classic pepperoni).

As you might expect, the new pizza didn't taste all that different from the original. Notably, it felt slightly thicker, possibly due to the extra cheese. The extra cheese was enough to add a gooey quality that's often lacking in big chain pizzas.

My particular pizza was "Hot-N-Ready" out of the warming oven but looked like it was maybe at the tail end of their holding period. As a result, it was a bit chewier than normal and the cheese had started to coagulate a bit. It heated up nicely in the toaster oven though and was still reasonably crispy on the bottom.

For the money, you get a lot more pepperoni for the extra $1. I counted at least 51 slices of pepperoni. Usually I get about three or four discs of pepperoni per slice of pizza. Here, there was enough for some pepperoni in every bite except for at the crust edge.

Little Caesars' ExtraMostBestest Pizza works out pretty well for me (although I have to pause a bit at the name while ordering). As a fan of pepperoni pizza in general, a lot more pepperoni and a little more cheese for an extra buck is fine by me.

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