Jan 3, 2022

Zaxby's Whips Up New Buffalo Garlic Blaze Sauce

Zaxby's whips up new Buffalo Garlic Blaze Sauce, which they're featuring in the new Buffalo Garlic Blaze Boneless Wings Meal.

Zaxby's new Buffalo Garlic Blaze Sauce is described as "a classic bold buffalo sauce with medium heat." It rates two flames out of five on their heat scale.

The Buffalo Garlic Blaze Boneless Wings Meal includes five crispy-fried boneless wings tossed in Buffalo Garlic Blaze Sauce (or another sauce of your choice), an order of Crinkle Fries, a small soft drink, a slice of Texas toast, and Ranch Sauce for dipping. Prices vary but it should cost around $7.99.

Photo via Zaxby's.

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