Mar 6, 2022

Domino's Japan Serves Up New "Best 34" Pizza with 34 Toppings

Domino's Japan serves up the new Best 34 pizza for a limited time. The pizza is so named as it's an extra-large (40 cm) pizza covered with 34 different toppings.

The 34 toppings are actually split up into four quadrants and include:

- Garlic
- Jalapenos
- Bocconini (a type of mozzarella that comes in small balls)
- Hokkaido Camembert
- Asparagus
- Cherry tomatoes
- Bacon
- Spicy cod roe mayonnaise
- Mayonnaise
- Mushrooms
- Shrimp
- Seafood mix (judging by the picture, a mix of octopus, scallops, lobster, and mussels)
- Roast chicken
- Teriyaki chicken
- Charcoal-grilled beef
- Pancetta
- Beef ribs
- Corn
- Italian sausage
- Big pepperoni
- Regular pepperoni
- Rice cake (mochi I'm believe)
- Spinach
- Green bell peppers
- Onions
- Hokkaido Gouda & Cheddar cheese
- Cheese (pizza cheese I think)
- White sauce
- Basil sauce
- Tomato sauce

The price tag on Domino's Japan's Best 34 Pizza comes out to 2750 yen ($23.96 US) for carryout and is twice that for delivery.

Photo via Domino's Japan.

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